What next????

OK so these are my arguments which I shall place before the court when Anglian Water finally prosecutes me and against which they have ample time to prepare their refutation. I have considerable optimism that the court will find in my favour. And to judge by its inaction Anglian Water has equal pessimism about its case.

For the moment everyone is happy. They send me bills, I don't pay them and all is well, so long as no one else finds out about our little arrangement: Anglian Water's Secret Tariff. I hope I haven't blown it!

When Anglian Water eventually drags me kicking and screaming to face Justice, it stands to win, currently, some sixty quid off me (and increasing at I guess 10p per day). However, in the event that the court should agree with me that the charge is unjust and unreasonable and Anglian Water should lose, I stand to gain nothing, but Anglian Water would have to repay, currently, some sixty quid (and increasing pro rata) to every household on the So-Low tariff. I have no idea how many households that is, maybe a million, maybe two...? But certainly enough to keep the goblins of their Financial Dexterity Office on overtime rates for a while!

Now I would not dream for an instant of encouraging any reader of this blog to do anything whatsoever. Indeed all I wish to do is ridicule you because you pay the Standing Charge and I don't! Ha Ha Ha, grow a backbone!

I certainly do not advise SoLow customers to cancel your direct debit so you are in control of your payments, or to write to Anglian Water advising them that you dispute their imposition of the Standing Charge. Nor to deduct that itemised sum from your future payments..

As a matter of whimsy I can't help wondering what I would do if I were CEO of Anglian Water. Am I a betting person? Should I go for the sixty quid? Or should I think "Ooo er, what if lots and lots of misguided consumers demand to go on the Anglian Water Secret Tariff, cease paying up and threaten to go into Court claiming that the Standing Charge is unjust, punitive, discriminatory, irrational, socially destructive, greedy and indefensible"? I have a feeling I might just cut my losses right away and contrive a low user tariff with no Standing Charge. Not a Full one. Not a Proportional one. An honest Absent one. But as I say, I don't offer advice.

The implication of the EU directive (quoted on page 4) is that per unit prices should rise as consumption increases.

I think I have made the case that the utility bill charging system in this country is unjust. The government which encouraged return of standing charges and fewer tariffs in the name of "clarity" has already admitted it was wrong and now wants more tariffs. No political party has shown the slightest interest in remedying the situation. The tories, to judge by the atrocious Stephen Barclay MP, are perfectly happy. Labour do not answer approaches, nor do the Libdems. Nor do the Greens, while UKIP are so disorganised and incompetent they could not find a Job in a sewage farm. So the low waged, pensioners and conscientious users continue to be victimised by money grabbing private companies.

I would suggest you write to your MP, especially if s/he is an East Anglian MP, because not a single one raised any objection to Anglian Water's outrageous attack upon their most vulnerable constituents. Remark that he or she is an utter disgrace and that the policies of their respective parties are likewise utterly disgraceful in their failure to either remove the Standing Charge absolutely or require every utility company to offer at least one tariff with No Standing Charge.

And if you have a spare stamp please feel free to write to my MP, Stephen Barclay, telling him he is a disgrace for showing no concern for protecting his constituents' interests, a disgrace for cuddling up to a company which makes £160M profit and pays no tax, a disgrace for crawling around Anglian Water for a bit of cheap publicity and a disgrace for being Parliamentary Representative for nothing more than Stephen Barclay's Career.